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Vacation Home Cleaning

There are few things as frustrating as returning home from a trip—whether for business or leisure—to a home that’s a complete mess. Piles of paper, clothes strewn about, and half-eaten takeout containers in the fridge all add up to a picture of a home that’s less postcard perfect than it is a place to run away from.


House Cleaning

At Clean Sweep House Cleaning, we are passionate about what we do and will always do our utmost to deliver real results for your home. Our skilled cleaning specialists take the chore of cleaning from your hands and by doing so, make sure that your free time is spent with family and friends as opposed to the back-breaking work of cleaning a bathtub or kitchen floor.


Move In and Out Cleaning

Everyone knows that moving homes is stressful. From packing boxes and hiring a delivery guy you can trust to finding a new favorite local restaurant and redirecting mail, there is a lot to consider. However, one thing that many Mesa residents forget to take into consideration when moving homes is how much work goes into cleaning your old place, as well as your new one.